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Scholastic Book Fair
28 Sep 2023
KS2 Coding Club has officially started!
Mrs Rahman
21 Sep 2023
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19 Sep 2023
KS2 Coding Club
Mrs Rahman
08 Sep 2023








Homework packs for year groups

18 Mar 2020

Dear parents and carers,

Please find below homework packs and extra work for your children to do.

2 Year Old Provision
  -Learning numbers alphabet colours.docx-  



  -Rhymes and songs book.doc-  

  -sound lotto.pdf-  


  -RWI set 1 and 2 word mat.pdf-  

  -Tablespoon Biscuit Recipe.pdf-  



  -Phase 2 Phonics Rhyming String Cards.pdf-  

  -Phonics Phase 2 Home Learning Challenges.pdf-  

  -QU CH SH TH NG Phonics Read and Race Game.pdf-  

  -RWI Red Word List.pdf-  

  -SATPIN Read and Race Game.pdf-  

  -EYFS School Closure Challenge Cards.pdf-  

  -Make an Emoji Face Cutting Skills Activity.pdf-  

  -CK E U R H B Read and Race Game.pdf-  

  -Comparing Numbers to 10 Transport-Themed Activity.pdf-  

  -EYFS Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20 Home Learning Challenges.pdf-  

Year 1 

  -Y1 Creative Writing Pack.pdf-  

  -Y1 Maths Pack.pdf-  

  -Y1 Reading Comprehension Pack.pdf-  

  -Y1 Spellings Pack.pdf-  

Year 2 

  -Describing 3.docx-  

  -Describing 5.docx-  

  -Describing 7.docx-  


  -Paper 1 Reading Prompt and Answer Booklet.pdf-  




  -Year 2 Maths Addition and Subtraction.pdf-  

Year 3 

  -Activity Sheet The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants.pdf-  


  -Fiction Reading Revision Mat.pdf-  

  -Non Fiction Reading Revision Mat.pdf-  

  -Poetry Reading Revision Mat.pdf-  



Year 4 


  -Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf-  

  -Year 4 Home Learning Pack.pdf-  

  -Year 4 Practical Ideas.pdf-  

Year 5 

  -Easter Crispy Cookies Recipe.pdf-  


  -The Mystery of The Missing Lance St. Georges Day Maths Mystery Game.pdf-  

  -Times Table Games.pdf-  

  -Fiction Revision Mat.pdf-  

  -Non Fiction Revision Mat.pdf-  

  -Poetry Revision Mat.pdf-  

  -Chemical Creations Home Learning Task.pdf-  

  -Materials and Properties Home Learning Task.pdf-  

Year 6 

  -KS2 Reasoning - Pack 1 - Test 1a.pdf-  

  -KS2 Reasoning - Pack 1 - Test 1b.pdf-  

  -Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1.pdf-  

  -Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 2.pdf-  

  -Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 3.pdf-  

  -Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 4.pdf-  

  -Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 5.pdf-  

  -Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 6.pdf-  

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