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Egg race rules

19 Mar 2019


  1. The egg-mobile must carry a chicken’s egg.
  2. The egg must be hard boiled.
  3. The egg-mobile is to be designed and built out of school.
  4. As far as possible, the egg-mobile must be made without help from grown ups.
  5. You may work on your own, in a pair, group or family, but the egg-mobile may only be entered for one class race.
  6. Each egg-mobile will have an independent run on the course.
  7. No mains electricity may be used to power or move your egg mobile.
  8. Batteries are allowed.
  9. No living creature may be used as an egg-mobile.
  10. If the egg-mobile uses its own source of power, it will be released from a slope. If it uses another source of power e.g. air, battery, it will start from a flat surface.
  11. Once your egg mobile leaves the start, you may not push it, pull it, control it or re-start it.
  12. Please do not use any glass in your design
  13. Each class has their own race. There are 3 winning categories for each class:
  1. The most beautifully decorated
  2. The most original design
  3. The greatest distance travelled
  1. The judges’ decision is final.
If you need advice about your egg-mobile or a piece of equipment that you don’t have at home, please ask a teacher.
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