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Home School Timetable
27 Mar 2020
Reading Breakfast
23 Feb 2020
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01 Feb 2020



Home School Timetable

27 Mar 2020

Hello Everyone,
We hope that you are looking after yourselves, washing your hands and keeping busy.
Please see the timetable we suggest you follow each week.
Have free time in the evenings and at the weekends.
You already have work packs at home. However, additional work is available.
You can access the work online.
You can upload homework using the homework tab.

Reading green/red words (these can be found on the homework tab)
Monday: Pin it on
Tuesday: Let's run
Wednesday: A fun hat
Thursday: Find words around your home and try to read them.
Friday: Reading for fun

Spellings are the green/red words for the week

Maths: Subtraction using nursery rhymes (links on homework tab)
Monday: Sing 5 little ducks
Tuesday: Sing 5 little speckled frogs
Wednesay: Sing 10 green bottles
Thursday: Sing 10 in a bed
Friday: Write and complete some number sentences

English (Prompts can be found on the homework tab)
Select from the following writing tasks:
- Weekend News - write baout what you have been up to at home
- Describe a setting
- Describe a character
- Write some rhyming pairs (e.g. cat,sat - dog, log)
- Retell a well known story 

Project work:

Paint or colour a vase of flowers (You can photograph your flowers and upload it to the homework page.)


Take good care and best wishes from
Lauren, Aysha and Marva
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