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The Governing Body

Downsell Primary School Governors

The governing body has an important part to play in raising school standards.

The governing body meets with the head teacher and staff to set targets for the school and to oversee the running of the school. Governors are ultimately legally responsible for ensuring the school is run efficiently and legally. Governors are elected for a four-year period. They serve as a link between the school, the local community and the Local Education Authority. Full governors meetings are held each term and the Head Teacher presents his report.


Link governors:

1. Safeguarding and Looked After Children - Dave Leaker

2. Pupil/Sports Premium and Culture Champion - Robert Morini

3. SEND - Martin Doré

4. Curriculum, including Teaching and Learning - Martin Doré, Kirsty Sultanti-Jones, Sumy Choudhury

5. Behaviour, attendance and exclusion - Kirsty Sultanti-Jones

6. Parent and Staff voice - Maryam Osman

7. Website compliance - Martin Doré

Finance Committee

Marina Kaloki

Deena Chetty

Martin Doré

Robert Morini

Dave Leaker

Attendance register (2015-2016)

  -Downsell GB Att 15 16.pdf-  

Attendance register (2016-2017)

  -Governor attendance register 2016-2017.pdf-  

Attendance register (2017-2018)

  -Governor attendance register.pdf-  

Attendance register (2018-2019)

  -Governor Meeting Attendance Register 2018-2019.pdf-  

  -Downsell Att 2018 2019-V280404805.pdf-  

Governors pecuniary interests (2017-2018)

  -Pecuniary Interest Register.pdf-  

  -Downsell Primary School - Pecuniary Interest Register 2018-19.pdf-  

Governors pecuniary interests (2018-2019)

  -Governors Pecuniary Interest Register 2018-19.pdf-  

Publication of Governors Data (2018-2019)

  -Publication of Governors Data 2018 - 2019..pdf-  

 -Downsell Pub 2018 2019.pdf- 

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