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PE and Sports

Years 3 and 4 Sports Team = Session 1
Miss Rahman
19 Sep 2019




The year 4 team trip to Football Festival

Adaam - 07 Jun 2019

A Team of Year 3 and 4 girls went to Chingford Goals and spent the day practicing thier skills and improving thier techniques. Below are thier comments about the day.

Chelsea (Capitan):

Did you have fun? -  Yes had loads of fun

Set- up of year 4 football team

Defense- Chelsea+ Isobella
Midfield- Neha+ Talia
Strikers - Hadjra+ Lillie


How does it feel to be the only year 3 on the team?- it feels like an achievement for me and Want to be an inspiration
What was it about?- Going to different stations and then after two you would have a rest and go back into it


Did you have fun?- yes a bucket full of it
Did you in particular play well/ score?- played really well activities were amazing

How did it go?- It went really well would want to go there again
How did your team play?- played pretty well


Did it go well?- yes went really well and had loads of fun


Did you have fun?- yes had loads of it
What was your favourite exercise?-Mini-matches


Did you have fun?- yes
Favourite exercise?- scoring against keeper


Who do you think was the star player?- Diana
Favourite exercise?- Mini-matches

How did it go?- Really well
Favourite exercise?- Dribbling

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