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SPORTS NEWS: Basketball competition

Azhar (Year 6 Digital Leader) - 04 May 2019

How did you feel when you played?
Tristin: I felt excited but at the end I was disappointed because we lost 3-2. 

What was your main objective?
Enis (captain): When we were playing the first game I was panicking a little bit because it was the first game. As we progressed, we felt more confident and were lucky because we were 2nd place. We pushed ourselves to the achievement.

What schools were you playing with and how were they?
Max: Larkswood was very hard but it was fair play and they won. Davies Lane also played and we won 8-2.

How did you feel before starting the game? 
Haniya: I felt anxious because when I looked at how many people there were I got scared but Mr Cooke said "be confident and don't give up!"

What were the scores and who scored?
Beatrice: Me, Max, Tristin and Enis scored and we all did amazing and worked as a team!
21 schools
50 teams
209 players

By Azhar.


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