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Digital Leaders

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16 Sep 2018


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Our amazing visit to the museum

Tosin (Digital Leader) - 31 Jan 2018

Here's what we thought of our trip:

My Trip to the Museum of Childhood Was a very nice place to go I suggest many people to go there and go to the WorkShop because you can make your very own DrawBot which I think is very nice and you can see more type of robots after our amazing workshop we had a chance to explore the museum it was very big and had allot of old and new toys. Another thing  I liked was the audio robot it could play any type of music and it can sing you happy birthday.

I had a very nice experience.

By Samir

My Trip To The Museum Of Childhood

My trip to the Museum Of Childhood was really exciting because we made our own drawbots. We had a great time using the other robots. One of the ones had a sensor on it and it was an ozobot. Another one that I liked was a the microbit. It had a speaker attached to it and when you moved it around, it made different noises. In my opinion, this trip is great and can give you some experience. 

By Rohaan Muhammad Khan

My trip to the museum of childhood

I think that this trip was very good. This was very good experience. We got to make our own drawbots. We learnt about how robots worked and even got to play around with them [ozobots , microbits] . I would recommend this to all people.

Jawad Ilyas

My visit to the museum of childhood (V&A)

It was lots of fun as we learnt a lot about robots drawbots. I learnt that not all robots have to look like robots.
We met a guy named Paul and he taught us all about different robots and how there built, he let us explore different robots and their names were:               
Microbit, R2D2,insect bot, B.O.B and ozo bots. We then hacked programs and played on a touchable television. We saw two rocking horses and the boys wanted to go on them so Ms Rahman let us have a quick 2 minutes of play.  We then hacked programs and played on a touchable television.
We then went to the 3RD  floor and explored the Michael Morpurgo exaptation. It was very fascinating  and we even got to see what the houses of the 1900s, we wrote on posters that that they gave so we decided to write on them and stuck them on the wall. In conclusion it was very nice and I would like to go back again.


My visit to the museum 
 ByJulia(digital leader)
Today me and my partner also the digital leaders went to the museum which it’s called  the museum  of childhood. We met the instructor which he was called Pauls we also get to try  microbits,R2D2insect bot,B.O.B and ozo bots also we get to try them and they was famstastic also on  the 3rd floor  there was so many expensive stuff but really  nice.
Also we get to go and have fun. 


My visit to the museum of childhood

I have had lots of fun in the museum and it was exciting even before I got there. We learnt how to make drawbots, we used microbits and we did ozobots.
When we got to the museum we went to the mulberry room and we met a man called Paul. He taught us how to work with robots and how to make them.
When we got to the 3rd floor there was even better things than downstairs. This trip that we went to was our first ever digital leaders trip. Also I hope that Miss Rahman takes us to another trip.

BY Oluwatosin Idowu 

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