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Digital Leaders

Our internet safety rules...
Miss Rahman
19 Jan 2019
Minutes from meeting - 10.01.2019
Miss Rahman
10 Jan 2019
Digital leaders - internet safety assemblies next year
Miss Rahman
16 Dec 2018
Assembly - KS2 Cyber-bullying
Miss Rahman
14 Nov 2018
Meet our digital leaders...
Miss Rahman
12 Nov 2018
Minutes from meeting - 12.11.2018
Miss Rahman
12 Nov 2018
Minutes from meeting - 30.10.2018
Miss Rahman
01 Nov 2018
Well done!
Miss Rahman
12 Oct 2018
Applications for digital leader role
Miss Rahman
30 Sep 2018
Do you want to be a digital leader?
Miss Rahman
16 Sep 2018


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Spectacular workshop

Haroon, Sachin - 15 Mar 2017


On the 15th of March, the Digital Leaders had a workshop for the parents, which told them how to register/use our school website.
We showed them how to insert details onto a form, and gave them
information about how to comment on our school webstite.


  laughThank you for all the parents who attended the workshop.wink






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