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Mr Pallas
18 Mar 2018
Photos of No Pens Wednesday
Mr Pallas
04 Oct 2017
No Pens Wednesday
Mr Pallas
04 Oct 2017


No Pens Wednesday

Mr Pallas - 04 Oct 2017

On Wednesday 4th October, Downsell took part in No Pens Wednesday, a national event to help children develop their speaking and listening skills.



For the entire day, the whole school was prohibited from using pens, pencils and crayons. Instead of writing, children needed to perform, brainstorm, debate, create and above all communicate with each other.

There was some amazing learning going on around the school.

In Year 3, children learned about Prehistoric Britain by acting out parts from the book Stone Age Boy. Later, they made pictures of giraffes and autumn trees using only their fingerprints.

In the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar group, children practiced spelling by cutting out letters and re-arranging them.

In Year 1, children joined in a sing-along with Mr Rogers on the guitar.

To make sure everyone got into the spirit, officers from the Pen Police were patrolling the building, ready to catch any adults who forgot the golden rule of the day: no pens!

Most adults followed the rules, but a few delinquents were found engaging in shocking behaviour: using a pen to mark homework, using a pencil to draw a picture and even using a pen to write the minutes of an important-looking meeting. To make up for their poor behaviour choices, these remorseful teachers had to perform The Chicken Dance in an assembly at the end of the day.

Thank you to all of the children and adults who joined in the fun and made today possible. We’re all looking forward to an even bigger, more spectacular No Pens Wednesday this time next year.
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