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What is the ‘magic e’?

Miss Rahman - 28 Mar 2017

The proper name for ‘magic e’ is ‘split digraph’, and it means that a vowel sound has been split. 

A digraph is two letters which together make one sound (as in the words tail, boat, found or read). 

When a digraph is split by a consonant it becomes a split digraph.  For example:
  • wrote – the 'oe' here make one sound. The 'oe' digraph is split by the 't'
  • lake – the 'ae' here make one sound. The 'ae' digraph is split by the 'k'.
  • complete – the 'ee' here make one sound. The 'ee' digraph is split by the 't'.
Have a go at reading some of these words:



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