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Downsell Primary School
‘Our Philosophy’

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

At Downsell Primary School we believe that every child matters and children succeed when they are secure, confident and interested in what they are doing. The values of our school reflect our backgrounds, cultures and the wider society in which we live. The principles of equality and diversity are central to our practice and aim of creating successful lifelong learners.

We place a strong emphasis on developing the social and emotional aspects of learning in order to ensure a safe environment, centred around the needs of our children, where they all feel valued, where they can share their successes and failures without fear.

We promote cohesion both within and between the communities of our school, building strong ties and working closely with health and social services as well as other key partners to achieve positive and lasting health and wellbeing behaviour changes in our children and families.

Through a broad and balanced curriculum, we provide interesting, motivating learning experiences which reflect our values and meet the needs of our children. We maintain a clear focus on the development of literacy and numeracy skills with the expectation that all learners achieve high standards.

We aim to develop learners who have the skills necessary to contribute to, and where necessary lead in the development of our society. Learners who are able to solve problems creatively and treat others with respect. 


Learners who have a strong ethical code, are able to synthesise information from different sources and who are disciplined in their behaviour and thinking.
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